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Women's Artistic Gymnastics remains one of the biggest crowd pleasers and most watched sports at the Olympic games. 

It's fascination and popularity amongst girls of all ages lies in it's ability to provide constant challenge and teach body control, coordination, amplitude and courage.

In Women's Artistic Gymnastics, female competitors use four different pieces of apparatus: Vault, Uneven Bars, Beam & Floor. 


Gymnasts approach the Vault from a 25 metre run, transfer their speed to the springboard and seek a quick hand placement to the table. From here the gymnast uses internal springs to launch themselves vertically for a combination of somersaults and twists. A good vault should land at least 2 metres from the table and include no steps on landing. 

Uneven Bars:

Swinging and continuous movements are required on this apparatus. Routines typically include movements in both directions as well as above and below the bars. Elements with twists and somersaults with multiple grip changes and high flight often are awarded with the highest scores. 


The beam stands 1.25 metres from the floor, is 5 metres long and if that was not posing enough of a challenge, it's only 10cm wide. That is the width of your average house brick! 

A beam routine is an exercise in precision with no room for error. The gymnast performs a combination of acrobatic elements, leaps, jumps, turns, steps, waves and balance elements. These can be done standing, sitting or lying on the beam. it is a requirements that the gymnast uses the entire length of the beam, with routine concluding often with a series of acrobatic elements off the side or the end of the beam.


The floor exercise allows the gymnast their moment in the spotlight and is considered by many to be the most expressive piece of women's apparatus. 

A floor routine, always accompanied by music, includes a combination of dance movements and sequences interspersed with a variety of tumbling and acrobatic elements. The whole floor area must be used in the routine with clear variances in mood, tempo and direction. Individuality, originality and artistry of presentation are the key ingredients of a great routine. 

We have a wide range of groups and pathways for each individual gymnast. We hold trials for young girls every year to enter our development squads. If you wish to trial for another of our established squad groups you will need to email Nikki to arrange a trial.

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