When we can make a refund

Abingdon Gym Club will always make a refund when we have made an error in calculating any amount due. We will also make a refund where you have made an overpayment error, to the extent of the overpayment.

Refunds will also be given for paid-for termly sessions where 4 weeks’ advance notice of the intention to leave is given, as this enables us to offer the class space to another child on the waiting list.

When we cannot make a refund

Refunds unfortunately cannot be given for any sessions missed due to holiday, illness, injury or retrospectively for sessions missed before notice of the decision to leave is notified.  You will understand that in such cases we are obliged to pay out the staff and establishment costs of that session and there is no opportunity to offer the missed sessions to another child.

Abingdon Gym Club is unable to make a refund where a payment has been made to a third party and that party does not or will not make a refund to the Club. The refund policy of the third party will determine eligibility for a refund. For example, British Gymnastics do not refund competition entry fees unless you can provide a Doctor’s note exempting from competing.

Any entry fees paid for events such as shows or competitions cannot be refunded. We advise that you are sure you can attend before committing to an event.

Where the club have incurred additional costs based on your commitment to attend, then a refund will not be possible.  This includes fees such as holiday activities or term fees, as staff are booked based on numbers prior to the day. Please ensure you can attend the course before paying but please note your place will not be formally booked until full payment has been received.  In exceptional circumstances, such as where a gymnast is injured at the club whilst performing instructed activities, and is therefore unable to attend, the Management Team will consider the case for refund individually.

Where classes are cancelled due to adverse weather conditions, we will offer gymnasts a suitable make-up session or credit for these sessions will be applied.

COVID-19 Update May 2021 - If we are asked to close our facility by the local council, British Gymnastics or the government due to COVID we will get in touch with each of our member groups by email to let you know what options there are for fees.