Advanced Recreational Gymnastics Classes

UPDATE May 2021 - Our advanced gymnasts are offered a 75 minute class. After such a long break from gymnastics we know that they will need to regain their strength, flexibility and basic skills, before moving onto the more advanced elements. 

We hold several advanced gymnastics classes throughout the week.  These classes last for 75 minutes and run for both boys and girls.  Invitation to these classes is either through our general gymnastics recreational classes or via a trial session.

Gymnasts in our advanced recreational classes take part in the British Gymnastics proficiency awards three times a year, as well as our own award scheme.  They can also take part in events such as summer festival and our annual club competition.  Gymnasts can also compete externally in invitational competitions throughout the year.

Class times

Tuesday 4.15-5.30pm & 5.45-7pm

Wednesday 7-8.15pm

Saturday 10.15-11.30am